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"readers hungry for fantasy with a classic tone—complete with tried-and-true tropes, such as prophesies, chosen ones, and vaguely allegorical world building—will likely find plenty to satisfy that craving here. "—  Booklist online

"Gewirtz adeptly positions Ganbihar somewhere between Lewis’ Narnia and and Atwood’s Gilead with its high-fantasy mythology, rich and complex use of language, and unabashed sexism. . . .  complicated and relatable sibling relationships." -- project muse

"A classic portal fantasy, Blue Window reveals the intricacies of individual experience. As each sibling wrestles to understand Ganbihar’s societal ethics and values, divergent realities are created. Ultimately, the five siblings must reconcile these truths and their relationships to each other if they’re going to get home—or even survive." -- Foreword

"Old-school fantasy fans will be drawn into Gewirtz's complex story . . . . Narrator Emily Sutton-Smith presents distinct, childlike voices for Max, Susan, Nell, Kate, and Jean as they describe, in turn, their quest to avoid the malevolent characters that seek to destroy them and find their way home. In addition, narrator Luke Daniels delivers short, mysterious interludes that slowly come together with the children's voyage." -- Audiofile magazine (on the brilliance audio edition)

Five siblings fall through time and space into a strange, unkind world -- their arrival mysteriously foretold -- and land in the center of an epic civil struggle in a country where many citizens have given themselves over to their primal fears and animal passions at the urging of a power-hungry demagogue. when siblings Susan, Max, Nell, Kate, and Jean tumble one by one through a glowing cobalt window, they find themselves outside their cozy home — and in a completely unfamiliar world where everything looks wrong and nothing makes sense. Soon, an ancient prophecy leads them into battle with mysterious forces that threaten to break the siblings apart even as they try desperately to remain united and find their way home. Thirteen-year-old twins Max and Susan and their younger siblings take turns narrating the events of their story in unique perspectives as each of the children tries to comprehend their stunning predicament — and their extraordinary new powers — in his or her own way. From acclaimed author Adina Rishe Gewirtz comes a riveting novel in the vein of C. S. Lewis and E. Nesbit, full of nuanced questions about morality, family, and the meaning of home.

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