The Writer's Road Map at Work
Originally published as How to Say It: Business Writing That Works (Prentice Hall Press), this easy, humorous guide teaches you how not to panic when you have to write at work. The simple, ten-step system focuses on structure, offering a logical, easy approach to any business writing project, from a memo to a proposal.

With the Writer's Road Map at Work, you'll learn how to pinpoint your audience, organize your ideas quickly, and turn out a polished, professional product every time your write.

Zebra Forest
"This deeply compelling, emotionally evocative, and grippingly suspenseful look at the complicated fallout from long-held family secrets is at once impossible to put down and impossible to forget." -- Candlewick Press

Selected Works

Business writing
An engaging how-to on business writing.
Young Adult Fiction
Realistic fiction, age 9 and up.